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Marketing, Real estate, Aerial Photography, General Survey, Construction, Corporate, Architectural

Pricing varies by the job and its own uniqueness. The detail required for specific jobs should come from you as the client. Typically the minimum launch price is a $150.00 minimum up to an hour. That price includes 4 adjusted full size .jpg photographs with their .dng raw file and a 30 second standard 4K/30 video clip.

 At the time of flight more photographs and video can be taken by choice and selected later for an additional cost per unit. If extra video editing and post production is desired its an additional $100 per hour per. This can vary by the required job and is sometimes best to plan specific requirements needed to complete the task on time and budget.


Topography, Surface Features, Canopy, GIS, Quantities

Please check in with an email or call regarding aerial and survey related tasks. A great deal of new technology resides at our fingertips currently for generating surface features and terrain modeling files from drones. If an immediate need is required dont hesitate to contact us so we can help you out with getting the service you need.


Bridges, Tanks, Roofs, Solar arrays, Cell Towers, Wildlife, Industrial, Power\Utility

Inspections using a Drone reduces many key areas of personnel risk while still being able to complete visual tasks from remote locations keeping employees out of harms way. 


Building, Grading, Demo, Concrete, Asphalt, Architecture, Drainage, Electrical and more...

Construction related services is an area where AeroVentures really shines. Not being afraid to mix it up in the field and get our feet dirty is common practice. It's important to have an understanding of on-site safety requirememnts while communicating with site superintendents and project managers prior to recording your companys best work.


Whether the imagery is from the air or ground we have you covered. AeroVentures can cover both tasks as desired for different needs.