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While AeroVentures the company itself is currently in its infancy. Jason has been involved with photography on a personal and professional level for many years. As drone technology has improved its allowed us to reach out and perform many new tasks for different needs. “I want to help you succeed” says Jason, from survey related tasks to 3D mapping, helping you get that shot or video for a job proposal or 3D design visualization, real estate listing, maybe even perhaps to record a construction timeline or proposed alignment, the construction itself, live events, even advertising, the ideas are endless.

99% of the content on this website is by drone while the other 1% is with my still cameras.    



5D IV, 5D III, 7D II Bodies. Various lenses and equipment to perform different job requirements. 


Currently the DJI Mavic Pro performs stabilized video at up to 4K 30FPS with a 12MP Adobe DNG RAW output for aerial photography.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Production output maximized by Adobe Creative Cloud. 

Did You Know ?

Certificate of Waiver

Flight areas in specific airspace require an Authorization from the FAA prior to any Drone Flight up to 400' AGL. (This can take up to 90 days once filed)...

Special Permissions

Some Municipalities place no fly zones specific to drones and require special permits.


NOTAMS should be checked prior to any flight for area specific TFR'S.